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Do You Have The Magic Touch With Women?

Learn How To Use The “Magic Touch”…

Have you ever had a women “freak out” because you touched her the wrong way? Ever had a girl lose interested after not showing her enough affection? There is a thin line when it comes to the touch, and I know that it can be confusing and different with each woman!

I hear from a lot of guys “things were going great and then I made my move and she didn’t want anything to do with me” or even “I thought I should kiss her, I felt the moment, but I didn’t want to offend her, and now I haven’t heard from her!”

Well obviously we need to find a happy balance between being too touchy-feeling and creeping girls out and not giving enough attention so they don’t know you’re interested. Women do like to be touched and kissed, but only after they have warmed up to you. Women who jump on men before they are warmed up are called “sluts” or “teases” and these are not the kind of women you want to attract! Usually these women will not date you or even sleep with you, they are out to play a game and you are only going to get hurt over and over again if you take this route!

Well… How Should I Touch a Woman?
Don’t be too eager to jump on a girl, let there be a natural progression…
This analogy gives a vivid mental picture when it comes to how you should touch a woman. If you take a marble, put it in boiling water, then drop it into a glass of ice water, it will shatter. Why? The transition is too sudden. However, if you take it out of the boiling water, let it cool, then put it in the ice water it will be just fine. Why? Because there was a smooth transition. And when you begin touching a woman, there needs to be smooth progression, not a sudden jolt.

See, too many guys try to go from having a great time in conversation to “laying one on her” and catching her by surprise. Many times this will scare a woman who otherwise would have been very happy to kiss you, had you smoothly led up to it. It’s the sudden jolt that can scare her off, not the kiss itself. Women like to be kissed… AFTER they’ve been warmed up.

Start Relaxing Her With Your Conversation…
Bring on your personality and attract her naturally!
After you have relaxed her with your conversation, being funny, naughty, a little cocky, getting her to open up and talk herself. After she is relaxed you will see a change in her attitude, make her laugh a few times and then touch her in a very non-threatening way. In this first contact you need to show her that you want to be more than a friend, but also that you are not too eager and not creepy and after something.

If you get a good laugh brush your hand across hers, this contact could be the beginning of her attraction for you. The moment feels complete and she will probably think about it a few times. “Why did he touch my hand, does he like?”… etc.

After she responds to your first touch and is still obviously interested in you go for a second touch to her shoulder in passing, if she responds positively to this then you can get a bit bolder.

It is obvious when a woman is not attracted to the guy she is talking to, she will not let him touch her and if he tries she will not respond happily. So if you get a good react from her when you touch her arm than you know that there is a possibility of attraction. What you should be looking for is for her to touch you back. That is when you know there is mutual attraction.

What Next…
How can I keep her interested in me?
After you have touched her shoulder, take her hand and make a compliment on her nails or a ring she is wearing. Ask her if there is a story behind the ring or if she just got it for fun. Women like to talk about stuff that they like, and they don’t wear stuff they don’t like! Continue to hold her hand for a moment longer after she has answered. Rarely will they pull away… remember this is after she has positively responded to your touch.

Now you can get a little more daring… touch your finger tips to her knee and then pull them away. Often she will copy your touch, which is a really good sign that she is attracted to you. Don’t grab or squeeze, or touch her inner thigh, don’t make her uncomfortable and don’t cross the line. Be playful and a little bit naughty, tease her a little. You should keep the frame of mind that she should earn the right to have you touch her more intimately.

After you have successfully completed all of this and she is responding to you with attraction go in for the kiss, feel the moment, don’t rush it. Often women will say “it’s about time you kissed me, what took you so long?” login
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